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Do I caulk around the toilet?

Sep 12

Many people don't know if it is a smart idea to caulk your toilet to the floor or not. This can be quite a debate because according to structure tech, you would want to leave it without caulk. Having this type of toilet creates added protection in case water leaks while lessening the chance of flooding below and around the base of your unit. It also prevents excess moisture damage under your flooring, the subfloor and on top of floors above.


The structure of a toilet is rather interesting. One might think that if a toilet is leaking, it’s quite easy for the water to drain onto the floor since there are cracks and spaces below to go through. That is not so! In fact, it’s quite the opposite! The Structure Tech stated, “The [toilet] base should be snug against the wall with no gaps around its perimeter. Gaps allow moisture to get up behind the wax ring which can cause leaks or wet floors.”


Yes, the bathroom is a place to get clean, but it can easily be a place where some pretty awful smells are produced. If you don’t caulk a toilet to the floor, you could find yourself smelling leftover residue from smelly mop water, tub water, or even worse, the remnants of your son's potty training. The debate has to do with leaking water. According to Structure Tech manufacturers , not caulking a toilet can actually help for when a toilet is leaking. These clients say that caulking a toilet would trap water from a leaking toilet and cause damage below and around the seat area since there would no longer be any way for that water to leak onto the floor.



A lot of people choose not to caulk a toilet because they think that it’ll result in the toilet leaking or malfunctioning. To this, we say: you don’t want water on the floor! It could damage your home and your personal belongings. Plus, experts over at Structure Tech explain how caulking a toilet can help stop a contracting crack from spreading.

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